Sunday, June 27, 2010

Philanthropy and Town&Country Magazine

I am hoping the July issue of Town&Country all about philanthropy won't be the last issue concerning this important subject.  With Pamela Fiori leaving the position of editor in chief, I worry about that happening as she was the impetus eight years ago to have an annual philanthropy issue.  And this July issue is so thin and without all the ads we've come to expect, unless the companies whose products are featured because they contribute to causes, paid for being included.

Was this issue so slender because T&C was feeling charitable and didn't include the usual gems and gowns? Was it because the advertising staff couldn't or didn't do their job? Or is this the end of what everyone I know always waits for; T&C's annual philanthropy issue.  Let's hope that this wonderful affirmation of the importance of philanthropy lives on through a continuous issue devoted to giving.

There were so many inspiring stories of women and men and their causes that it is hard to pick out any in particular, but some of the women that I was particularly taken with were:

Young Audiences of New York (I recall beginning a chapter of Young Audiences in Traverse City and so glad to see the program is still viable) and Kim Greenberg, chair of the board of directors.

Studio in a School founded by Agnes Gund.

Rachel's Network founded by Winsome McIntosh.  I am proud to say that the Women's Philanthropy Institute did some consulting with this group several years ago.

Hope in Bloom founded by Roberta Dehman Herson.  I can't help but think this idea could be something we all could do.

Elevate Destinations created by Dominique Callimanopulos.  The idea of "donor travel" is so appealing to us all.

Jena Gardner and her Traveler's Collection that aids women artisans.

Lauren Bush's Feed Projects and her stylish feed bags.

Donna Karan's Urban Zen.  I recently read that her favorite C's are compassion, care, cashmere, candles and cotton while our favorite C's of women's giving are: create, change, commit, connect, collaborate, and celebrate.

And finally, my friend and colleague, Joanna Krotz who always writes for T&C's philanthropy issue interview with Sheryl WuDunn, coauthor of Half the Sky.

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