Monday, July 26, 2010

mAIDens of Michigan

Today an article appeared in the Traverse City Record Eagle about mAIDens of Michigan and how we just raised $8,000 at a potluck for women.  Shown here in the photo is my dear friend, Brenda Biederman, and me holding our food in her kitchen.

Brenda founded mAIDens in 2008 sending out invitations to her "girlfriends" to come to her house, and bring a dish to pass as well as a personal donation.

I had heard about a woman in Washington DC that had her friends come for a potluck dinner once a month and contribute what it would cost them to go out to a nice dinner to support local women in need.  I told Brenda about it and she said, "We can do that here." And so, after four potlucks, we have raised $27,000.

We contact local human service organizations to get stories of women who need some help that will make a positive change in their lives.  Two particularly gratifying stories are two women who needed restorative dental work.  Through grants from mAIDens, they both received a full set of teeth and gained the confidence to secure full time work.

A small committee receives the applications and grants all the money until the next potluck where the stories of whom we have helped are shared.

My daughter-in-law was here from Atlanta over the weekend and when she saw the article she said she could do the same thing back home.  In fact, we hope others will feel the same way and we'll eventually have mAIDens for Michigan all over the state.

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