Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Power, Politics and Philanthropy

I thought it interesting that, in an interview by Jeff Zucker with Nancy Pelosi this morning, she said, ”I never intended to be involved in politics.  I saw it as an extension of being a mother.  What drives my engine in the morning are the one in four children who live in poverty.  I’m motivated by family.  To answer your question, being Speaker is an incredible, historic honor, but it’s nothing like a newborn baby or grandbaby.  Women can be a unifying force in our country.  It’s important not to have the debate be venomous.  There’s so much at stake.  We have to honor our responsibility to make the future better for our children.  Increasing communication among women will power the future.  Know your power."

Women in politics and women in philanthropy share the same values: children, family, honor, unifying, responsibility, a better future, communication.  And they share the same one of the same methods: understand and know your power.  Go Nancy.

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