Sunday, August 28, 2011

Communicating With Women

Eight Best Strategies to Communicate With Women
  1. Talk to her; she influences couple giving as well as her own; a major reason women don't give is because they're not asked or spoken with.
  2. Tell your story; make it brief, compelling, with a challenge that has been overcome. Help her identify with the story character.  When the story concludes, know she will want to support your cause.
  3. Respect her intelligence and individuality; understand where she is in her life stage.
  4. Use the 6 C's of women's motivations for giving; they are helpful in all conversations and communications.
  5. Explain how societal issues will be impacted by her giving; show how her gift will be transformative.
  6. Be aware of the importance of diversity to her; both on your boards and how her gift will be used.
  7. Provide role models; help her see others who are involved, past and present.
  8. Consider her capable of being bold and audacious; she will reward you with her entrepreneurial spirit.

I recently used these eight strategies at a seminar for the communication and development staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and was very pleased with the feedback I received.

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