Saturday, December 3, 2011

Doris Buffett and Brenda Biederman Helping People in Need

When Brenda Biederman started mAIDens of Michigan (mAIDens) in Traverse City, Michigan three years ago, her desire was to help women in need get a helping hand to make a better life for themselves and their families.  (mAIDens was the subject of the September 2010 blog).

Thus, it was so satisfying to read the NY Times article, "Donors Weigh the Ideals of Meaningful Giving," in the November 1, 2011 edition because Doris Buffett with her Sunshine Lady Foundation is also focused on helping people in need and empowering them through reading and hearing their stories.  Just like Biederman and mAIDens with of course a great deal more money.

Buffett has started programs in maximum-security prisons to help inmates get degrees from accredited colleges and provided education to victims of domestic violence.  As with mAIDens, the Sunshine Lady Foundation gets many requests for eyeglasses, tires, teeth, roofs, and refrigerators.  Items that we all may take for granted but when we think about it, mean so much to the quality of our lives.

Meeting basic needs to help people change their lives is such a sure sign of women's compassion and generosity.  These women are role models for us all.  They represent large and small communities (Omaha, Nebraska and Traverse City, Michigan) and show that caring women all over the country can use their money to create special ways to express their philanthropy.

If you know of a woman in your community who is doing something very special with her philanthropy to help those in need, please let me know and she will be featured in this blog as well.

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