Monday, July 23, 2012

Next Generation Family Philanthropy

At a recent Michigan Council of Foundations family foundation retreat, the participants of both genders were asked how they thought the next generation would give differently. Their answers were: 
  • Stronger focus on the environment and global issues
  • More liberal
  • Use their hearts versus their minds
  • Give more to women and children
  • More personal in their giving
  • Have an immediate sense of ownership
  • Give closer to where they live
  • Want their gifts to go to causes rather than just to those who ask them to give
  • Give to help eliminate human trafficking. 
Based on this survey, there surely are some very clear differences in this generation's giving from their parents.  Global giving is a very big one and an area where women also are tending to give more. In fact, a number of the ways the next generation will give are those that have been pioneered by women such as using their hearts, be cause driven as opposed to who does the asking, giving to women and children, and being more personal in their giving. The next generation's giving reflects the fact that women's giving has and is leading the way in philanthropy.

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