Thursday, November 8, 2012

I AM HERE: Barbara Arredondo

With Barbara at dinner the last evening.
Two weeks ago I was visiting my granddaughter in Monterrey, Mexico. Zinzi is in medical school there and I was thrilled to not only see her again, but to meet a fascinating young woman.

Barbara Arredondo is only 28 but her gifts are already incredible and I know for sure that her serenity and abilities will change the world.

Her hometown of Monterrey is Mexico's 3rd largest city and ranks as the world's 63rd wealthiest. However the drug cartels have moved in and created carnage in what was Latin America's safest city. Barbara decided that she needed to do something about this and in 2011, she created a peace conference that 6000 people attended, including the Dalai Lama and Zanier Salbi, founder of Women for Women International. She wanted to find the next Gandhi and Mother Teresa. I truly think that, in herself, she has found that person.

This year Barbara began a new series of programs called I AM HERE. The 4-month series features 10 unique women who share their messages to an audience of 300 women in Monterrey. The purpose is to create a heart shift of what women's role can be towards generating positive and long-lasting change in Mexico and to encourage their involvement and their philanthropy.

The first speakers in August were Abigail Disney and Kathy Lemay. In September, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Christina Berton and Marisa Fernandez. October's presenters were Lily Yeh, Patti Smith, and Lili Navarro. And at the closing session, November 29, she will have Zainab Salbi and The Color Purple author Alice Walker.

Today Barbara wrote and said they had lost a $20,000 sponsor for the November session and could I help? She thinks she can raise $10,000 through a concert but is still short $10,000. Please let me know if you can help. Outside of my family, I have never believed in anyone as much as I do in this young woman and I hope you will join me in helping to move her, move women's philanthropy, and move peace forward. Your financial gift will bring untold returns to you personally about the ways women can and will save the world.

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