Monday, January 7, 2013

Finance the World You Want

I read an article today in the Harvard Business Review Blog written by Whitney Johnson, co-founder of Rose Park Advisors.  She says, "Investing is about financing dreamsSome of the dreams I finance are close to home. As we become fluent in the realm of the coin, money can be much more than a jar from which we pull assets in order to subsist, but rather a storehouse from which we can fund our child's education, buy a home, assemble the resources needed to write a book, start a business, or, as I would eventually like to, produce a documentary. Investing also finances the kind of world we want. I dream of a world, for example, where there are more and better employment opportunities, people parent well, appreciate one another, and volunteerism abounds. There are companies I can invest in that will help all of this happen."

I definitely agree with Whitney and know that giving philanthropically is about financing dreams as well.  And about creating the world we want.  Women have the money, now we must use it to make big changes.

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