Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Power of the Press and Giving Circles

Below is the article about Marsha Wallace and Dining for Women that appeared in this week’s People magazine.  Amazing what this kind of wonderful publicity has done for women’s philanthropy.  First, in 1998 it was Colleen Willoughby and the Washington Women’s Fund that helped launch our Three Generations Circle of Women Givers in 1999.  Then Wendy Hermann Steele’s Impact 100 featured in 2003 and now Marsha Wallace and her Dining for Women.  All of them are giving circles and each time they are featured, giving circles grow by leaps and bounds, proving that women’s philanthropy continues to be a powerful movement and People magazine a powerful force for us.


  1. Congrats Marsha Wallace and other women appeared in week of people magazine.! This step women place strong in world.!

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