Sunday, November 14, 2010

Women's Purchasing Power and Nike

Girl Power
After the Tiger Woods debacle, I decided not to buy any more Nike shoes or clothing.  I thought Nike hadn't kept very good track of their star who was making millions of dollars for them as well as for himself.  Although I knew my singular action (I did share my intentions with some others) might not make a big difference, nonetheless, I knew that women's purchasing power was huge (we do make 83% of all consumer decisions) and other women might also be feeling the same as I was.

Peter and Jennifer Buffett
But now I see that Nike is partnering with Jennifer and Peter Buffett's NoVo Foundation for a campaign called the Girl Effect.  The article in November 10 New York Times, "Nike Harnesses 'Girl Effect' Again," made me curious.  So I watched the video clip that was mentioned and was transformed.  I sent it to my granddaughters as well.  And guess what, my next pair of walking shoes will be Nike's!

Congratulations Nike on returning to your successful 1995 campaign theme about girls, on your outstanding video (already it has been watched more than 1.7 million times), and for partnering with the NoVo Foundation.  May women's purchasing power return now to Nike because of its good works.

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