Friday, June 24, 2011

Check Out the New Book About Philanthropy

Inspired Legacies has just released a new book, Trusted Advisors for the Next Generation, available online. 

Tracy Gary, co-founder of Inspired Legacies selected a group of "expert investment and donor advisors to explore emerging trends in philanthropy and investment." I was very pleased to be included as an author in an article co-written with philanthropist activist Helen LaKelly Hunt entitled, "Women and Philanthropy: Why Women Are the Answer."

A quote from our chapter:  
"Voice without echo dies - which is why uniting with other women has been so empowering for us as donors.  Our drive to become actively engaged in managing our finances and our philanthropy arose because we wanted our money to reflect our values.  We found advisors who understood this.  And we feel it is crucial that "next generation" financial advisors recognize the importance of donor education in helping women find their voice - with their investments and within their philanthropy."

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