Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Far Can A Woman Go?

I recently met Homa at the Women's Funding Network Conference and was enchanted not only with her, but with the concept. Homa the doll is preparing to set out on a fantastic journey, posing the question to all: How far can a woman go when she is supported? When she has an education? Health care? Infrastructure? Hope?

Homa  was lovingly crafted by a widowed woman in Afghanistan, a woman who uses her craft and creativity as a means to support herself and her family in challenging circumstances. Her creativity is her vehicle for empowerment.  As part of their Afghan Dolls Project, Rising International has helped to support and empower over 60 widows in Kabul by offering them a market for their dolls.

And now, Homa is preparing to set out on an inspiring  journey around the globe where she will be hosted by supporting organizations and individuals. Her first part of the journey began when she visited the Women’s Funding Network conference in Brooklyn. 

We can all join the fun and follow Homa on her journey by “friending” Homa on her Facebook page.

And best yet, you can adopt a doll for yourself and truly be a part of supporting what Homa is all about… asking how far can a woman go when she has the support she needs. 

Carmel Jud, Executive Director of  Rising International with Homa preparing for the Human Race for Change.

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