Monday, August 30, 2010

The Center on Philanthropy and Patrick Rooney Discuss the Importance of Women's Philanthropy

Patrick Rooney
In the Center on Philanthropy's recent publication of Philanthropy Matters, I was delighted to see a piece hailing the future of women's philanthropy by the Center's executive director, Patrick Rooney. The Women's Philanthropy Institute and women everywhere are so very fortunate to have a great university like the Center at the University of Indiana, do much needed academic research into women's giving and how to change the ways people think about women's philanthropy. The Center and the Women's Philanthropy Institute are involved in two upcoming conferences about women's philanthropy and are are listed on the right side of this blog.

Here is just the beginning of all the important and credible things Patrick had to say.  You can read the rest of the editorial by going to the current issue of Philanthropy Matters.

What Matters: Philanthropy's Tipping Point
Dated: Aug 24, 2010
If I had a crystal ball, I’d say women’s philanthropy is likely to be one of the prevailing issues of the 21st century for the nonprofit sector. Despite greater awareness and the fact that the trajectory of women’s philanthropy is escalating exponentially, we haven’t reached the tipping point or begun to realize the benefits of women’s giving capacity, participation and leadership. The research unquestionably shows that women have the desire, drive and capacity to give, but society and nonprofit professional practice have yet to catch up.
Women’s philanthropic clout is clear. Women are driving social change, and changing philanthropy in the process.

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