Friday, August 13, 2010

Melinda Gates Says Bolder Giving Was an Impetus for the Billionaire Pledge Campaign

Anne and Christopher
June 25 I wrote on this blog about Boston couple, Anne and Christopher Ellinger's Bolder Giving effort to raise money from people across the economic spectrum to think about how to donate a higher percentage of their assets and become effective philanthropists who can inspire and collaborate with others.  Well, yesterday's Seattle Times says that Melinda Gates has credited Bolder Giving, started in 2007,  with being an impetus behind the campaign to persuade the world’s billionaires to commit at least half of their fortunes to charity.  Im early May, the small three-year-old organization  got a call from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, "out of the blue" with an offer to support its work.  Six weeks later Bolder Giving received a $675,000 grant from the foundation to expand its reach.

Congratulations Anne and Christopher and if you haven't yet made the Bolder Giving pledge, please do so soon as a tribute to the Ellingers and a way to bring more joy into your life and others through philanthropy.

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