Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Universities Teach us to be Critical Thinkers

Dr. Connie Curran
From Contributor Martha Taylor

A real joy in life is meeting new women philanthropists. I had the
pleasure of meeting Dr. Connie Curran recently in Chicago. Dr. Curran is one of the leading health care professionals in the country. She has
founded three companies and held a variety of executive positions in
academic and academic health care organizations. She is also one of the
most prolific scholars in the field with more than 200 publications and
several research programs to her credit. 

One of the most inspiring aspects of her life is her philanthropy.  She is active with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and serves as a trustee for DePaul University. She believes in the power of higher education. Dr. Curran said at a recent event: "When we think of our lives and what has influenced us to be successful human beings, we must look at our university education that taught us how to be critical thinkers and gave us good lives. It is important for us to think of giving back, by making a gift that is meaningful." She is a role model in her own giving to higher education and other non profits.

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