Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Women & Co. and the Nine C's of Women's Philanthropy

Linda Descano, president of Women & Co.
I am pleased to share with you what Citibank's Women & Co. currently has on their website and will be publishing in their August print newsletter, Wisdom, Wealth and Giving, focusing on women and philanthropy.  The title of the article is The Nine C's of Women's Philanthropy which can be accessed by clicking on the title.  They have asked me to be a contributor to Women & Co. and I am honored to do so.  I'm already planning my next column about "bold and audacious" women givers.

The Women & Co. website is a superb resource for women to learn more about family and money, life stages & planning, estate and legacy, credit, financing education, insurance & long term care, real estate, retirement, taxes and of course, philanthropy.  Everything you need to know is all right there and easy to maneuver around and work with.

Linda Descano is the president of Women & Co. and I interviewed her for our new book, Women and Philanthropy: Boldly Shaping a Better World.  In the book she says that women are self-identifying themselves as Chief Financial Officers of their families and as positive role models.  She says, "They have taken on a much broader role and are shaping their families financial values: one of those is giving back.  They are looking at how to align their investments with their philanthropy.  How to be more strategic philanthropists and get their kids involved."

If you haven't already looked at Women & Co's. website, I urge you to do so.  It's chock full of great information and stories about women and philanthropy as well as very readable and interesting financial advice.


  1. Sondra, We at Florida State with our Women for Florida State, now have a link to your blog on our website. Thanks for keeping us current in women and philanthropy.

  2. Terrific. I'll go there now and see your website. Thanks for all you have done to help create Women for Florida State.