Sunday, August 15, 2010

The "Joy" of Knowing Joy

Joy Picus
I thank the Internet for my friendship with philanthropist and former Los Angeles City Council member, Joy Picus.  We have corresponded for at least ten years and Joy has always surprised me with choice articles from the West Coast about women and philanthropy.  We have also shared our latest activities and I am still trying to get her to write her memoir using my daughter, Heather Shaw’s, Write/Memory

Her latest gift and project is a the Joy Picus Child Development Center in downtown Los Angeles.  Because of our respect, admiration and love for this woman, Joy is prominently mentioned in our new book, Women and Philanthropy, as a philanthropist, leader in raising funds for Jewish causes, and a supporter of political candidates. 

When Joy emailed me that she had been asked by the Women's Foundation of California to write on its blog, I was delighted.  Her stories under the title, “Women are Changing Philanthropy," are priceless as to how she became a philanthropist (working with Martha Taylor) and how she managed with the “old boys” as part of the Women's Philanthropy Council at the University of Wisconsin Foundation.

Kudos Joy.  We look forward to many more of your writings and wisdom.

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