Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Congratulations Joyce Miles, Martha Taylor and Women for Florida State

I first met Joyce (pictured left) at Purdue University when we both were speaking at a conference for the College of Consumer and Family Sciences.  Since then our paths have crossed several times and she has always been a strong advocate for women and philanthropy initiatives at universities.  Her latest success is Florida State University.  Knowing from Martha Taylor (on the right) and others, the benefits of women's philanthropy initiatives to both women as donors and universities, Joyce, as a donor, has been working on helping establish a program at FSU for several years.  She even arranged for me to do a focus group and speak to their board and administration a few years ago (sometimes it takes a while for a program to get underway).  But most of all, it takes a Joyce to spearhead it.

Joyce just sent me to their new website and I am delighted to welcome Women for Florida State into the consortium of over forty universities with women and philanthropy initiatives.  The importance of these programs cannot be overemphasized.  They not only identify and provide additional funding for universities, but more importantly, they help women develop leadership opportunities and have a say in how and where universities allocate their donations.  My friend and colleague Martha Taylor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison knew that when she helped launch the first women's philanthropy initiative (Women's Philanthropy Council) at a public university in 1988 and she has been a leader ever since.

Here is what FSU says about why it formed "The Women for Florida State:"
  • increase awareness of opportunities for women to stay actively engaged in life at the university;
  • educate the community on the vital role women play in the past, present and future of Florida State;
  • mentor the next generation of women leaders and philanthropists;
  • provide a vehicle for members to communicate effectively;
  • and recognize and celebrate accomplishments of the women of Florida State.
I love not only the concept of course, but the website and the way it features photos of "now and then" and connects with women.  Be sure to check it out and thank you Martha for the original concept and Joyce for its fulfillment.

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